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My Website o/

Hi, Kallen, Kalulu, and others anime lovers, just to warn you I finally opened my blog !

Okay, it's in french. But for those who likes my art, there will not be any entry without an art, be it CG, FMA, and eventually my own project, aka, ArMor manga version o/

Hope you'll pay some visits, and I'm really sorry for the lack of updates. LJ wasn't really my cup of tea ^^


A little preview, for the fun.

Japan Expo Pic Spam

So here is finally a pic spam post about this wonderful French convention, biggest european Con, and full of VIP (Come on Akemi Takada and Clamp are worth a try, fufufufuh ~)
Japan Expo Pic Spam; Very Geass centric, cause Geass was everywhere this yearCollapse )

Crack Rurukare mornings


That is a ...kind of Doujin. An almost Doujin, kinda totally Crack~ish

Wakamoto and C.C's experience to teach New apprentices~
The Real power of the King ... is in the blood~Collapse )

Digital painting is annoying to learn

Because King x Queen shipping shall never die.

Because no matter what They say, She will always be his Queen...Collapse )